Monday, February 18, 2008

I found the wireless access at Panera on Lexington Street. The SSID of the network was PANERA. There was no WEP key required because Panera provides free internet access to its customers. I think it is ok to have a wireless network when you are providing access to customers and you don't want them to have to enter a password to access the network. Businesses offer free access to draw customers to them because customers are more likely to come in and stay and eat there if they can access the internet. I can access the internet through Panera's free WiFi and anything I do won't be traced back to me. Panera does make you accept a user agreement (below) before you access internet through them. If it was a private home it suggests that the homeowner didn't protect their network by hiding the SSID or encrypting the network.

The network stumbler screenshot shows that I am connected to Panera's access point, but that there are six other access points available. The connection is strong though Panera's access point.

netstumbler shot

Panera's user agreement

us at panera

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