Saturday, April 5, 2008

Using Twitter

I did not use Twitter on my cell phone because I do not have unlimited txt messaging. I never really talked to anyone about something they posted on twitter because it was usually nothing more than what they were doing at the time. There are privacy issues with Twitter because you might post something that you did not want someone else to see, but you might not know they were following you. I will not continue to use Twitter because I think it is one of the most pointless Web 2.0 applications. It is basically the same as using an away message on AIM, but instead it sends me an IM everytime someone puts up a new away message. If I wanted to know what someone was doing I could just check their away message. Not to mention it's another thing that I have to log in to in addition to AIM. Businesses can use Twitter as a marketing tool because it is an easy way to get a message out to masses of people. If there are a lot of people following them, they can send out a twit about a new product or promotion. People can also give them feedback immediately through Twitter. After using Twitter I can see that there are possible uses for it, but for me it is pointless and annoying. I really don't care if John is eating pizza 2 minutes ago.

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